The Rare Super Soul Moments


Our past is ours, we have to own it, and never be ashamed of who we are but be proud of ourselves. We have to love our selves because who we are, is what makes us so special and unique that this world needs us. We have to find our true self. Hiding from our reality while using drugs, alcohols, hate and anger. It is completely wrong choice and it is total self-punishment. The only way we can truly heal ourselves is finding our inner beauty and work hard to right our wrongs by doing so. In this way , we are giving our life a purpose, and complimenting ourselves to have come this long way, to where we are at this moment, and say yes – We have made it!

For the last couple years, I’ve had the privilege to share my story and inspire people all around me. My collective life experiences made me realize that we are all survivors, whether we have survived the genocide, war, rape, terrorist attacks, refugee camps, slavery, prison, poverty, sexual, emotional or domestic violence. What matters is what you can do next. All I know and what keeps me going is that we can never feel, enjoy and touch the light if we haven’t seen the darkness.

We all deserve second chances. Last Tuesday, I was honored to speak with my friend Michele Zousmer at Westcare, a pilot program of transitional housing emphasized on reentry for long term women offenders. They responded to my talk with beautiful poetic words, vulnerability and humble spirits which touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. They made me realize that our present will be a history.

I don’t know what you’ve been through, or what you are going through, but remember, you have to be stronger than never before and be a fighter, A day will come and you will be an inspiration in someone else’s life, and I will say congratulations! What a beginning!

“We have survived to teach!”

By: Dydine Umunyana
Photos by: Michele Zousmer

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